Regulatory reporting
to the CSSF & Banque de Central

With our reporting service, we take over the reporting of your AIF and AIFM to the supervisory authorities in Luxembourg and ensure that your regulatory reporting obligations are also fulfilled efficiently in the Grand Duchy and that you can concentrate on the essentials – the management of your portfolio.


The regulatory reporting for
for investment funds in Luxembourg

As in the German financial market, reporting to the supervisory authorities forms the core of the reporting obligations in Luxembourg. The reports to the CSSF and Banque de Central are broadly diversified and are aimed at different types of funds and companies. In addition to the content-related questions regarding the data material, it is all the more important to gain and maintain an overview of the necessary requirements.

In this context, it is even more appropriate to make use of a full service.


Our reporting service for you: simple and efficient.

If you would also like to minimize the technical effort involved in setup and ongoing operations and (re)focus on asset and portfolio management, then you should use our fund reporting service for the Luxembourg supervisory regime.

We handle the reporting for you and support you in fulfilling your reporting obligations: You save the technical setup, the ongoing maintenance of the access points and, of course, the effort of data preparation.
In addition to technical issues, we also support you with specialist issues relating to reporting and the necessary data basis.
We monitor the timelines and ensure plausible and technically valid data delivery.
You don't need any specialist knowledge, just provide us with basic data about your portfolio in Excel format. We convert this according to the recipient's specifications and prepare it as an .xml file.

We provide the following services for you

AIFMD: The AIFMD notification to ESMA - the counterpart to the notification to BaFin.
TPTOBS: Security by security of undertakings for collective investment
S 1.3 : Monthly statistical balance sheet for money market funds
S 2.13: Quarterly statistical balance sheet for non-MMF investment funds
S 1.6: Information on valuation effects on the balance sheet of investment funds
O 4.1 : annual Interventions on futures and options markets
O 4.2 :annual Interventions on futures and options markets
U 1.1 : monthly financial reporting

Your benefits at a glance

Consistency across all outputsWe use in-house programmed and highly specialized software for all services. With a uniform data basis, we can guarantee consistent quality in all outputs and calculations.
Specialist and technical know-how includedTake advantage of a team of experienced specialists and benefit from 10 years of funds reporting expertise.
Broad range of services across all asset types and national bordersNot only do we know the recipients of your outputs inside out, we also feel at home in the asset classes of private equity, securities and real estate - in Germany as well as in Luxembourg.
Your effort reduced to a minimumWe emphasize the concept of 'SERVICE' and only require a minimum of basic data to initiate the process and carry out the services.

We also offer other reporting services, such as reports to WM-Datenservice (EDDY interface), reports in accordance with VAG and Solvency II (including SCR and market prices) or to the savings bank interface. Much of the data required for this is already available from the regulatory reporting system. This data can therefore be easily processed for further outputs.



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